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Ion 2009.5 & 2010 Wired Router Blackscreen & Continuous Reboot 12/16/09 PDF Field Bulletin 75
Wireless Connectivity in Ion 2009.5 & 2010 Software 11/20/09 PDF Field Bulletin 74
2010 Ion Fusion Hard Drive Upgrades 11/17/09 PDF Tech Note 125
The Use of “N” Routers with Ion 2009/2009.5 Software 10/22/09 PDF Field Bulletin 73
SATA Hard Drives in Ion 2010 Kits 10/20/09 PDF Tech Note 124A
Ion 2009.5 Game Slowdown 10/20/09 PDF Field Bulletin 71A
Force 2009.5 (V.27.00, 27.01, and 27.02) Issue with Penthouse Photo Hunt 8/6/09 PDF Field Bulletin 69
I/O Board Replacement in Ion, Money Shoot and Megatouch Champ Games 6/21/09 PDF Tech Note 79
Download Manager 4/22/09 PDF Tech Note 122
Intel Motherboard Fan Replacement 4/22/09 PDF Tech Note 120
SATA DVD Software Updates for the Megatouch Rx 1/15/08 PDF Tech Note 118
How to Read a Game Serial Number 12/17/08 PDF Tech Note 53
Loading Problems with Luxor in 2009 (V29.10) Software 12/05/08 PDF Field Bulletin 68
Touchscreen Controller Firmware Update 10/23/08 PDF Field Bulletin 62
TouchTunes/Megatouch Bookkeeping Error 9/26/08 PDF Field Bulletin 67
2009 Force and Ion Incompatibility 8/29/08 PDF Tech Note 117
Aurora Wide-Mouth Coin Box 7/24/08 PDF Field Bulletin 66
Linking Megatouch Games and TouchTunes Jukeboxes 7/23/08 PDF Field Bulletin 64
KidzPace Networking Issues 7/7/08 PDF Tech Note 116
Ion CPU Fans 6/6/08 PDF Field Bulletin 59
Ion Calibration Issues 6/3/08 PDF Field Bulletin 65
Loss of the AMI Local Catalog 5/9/08 PDF Field Bulletin 61
Ion 2008.5 Software Update 5/6/08 PDF Tech Note 112
Force eVo Cool Down Kit 4/17/08 PDF Tech Note 113
Bill Acceptor Upgrade for the New Five-Dollar Bill 4/17/08 PDF Tech Note 111
Game Cleaning and Maintenance 4/10/08 PDF Tech Note 96
Touchscreen Replacement and the NOVRAM Cable 4/7/08 PDF Tech Note 109
Ion Hard Drive Connector Issues 2/26/08 PDF Tech Note 107
Component End-of-Life Notice for 200-Watt Power Supply 2/6/08 PDF Tech Note 102
Ion Power-On Harness 2/4/08 PDF Field Bulletin 54
Component End-of-Life Notice for Force Radion 15″ Touchscreens 1/22/08 PDF Tech Note 101
Wireless Connection Enhancements 12/14/07 PDF Tech Note 98
Supplier Issue with Aurora USB I/O Cable 11/26/07 PDF Field Bulletin 52
Linking Megatouch Games with TouchTunes Gen 3 Jukeboxes 7/2/07 PDF Tech Note 95
UPDATEÂ – Linking Megatouch Games and TouchTunes Jukeboxes 5/17/07 PDF Field Bulletin 41
700-Note Bill Acceptor in Aurora Games 5/9/07 PDF Tech Note 93
Wireless Networking 4/27/07 PDF Tech Note 91
New Joystick Assembly in Aurora Games 3/16/07 PDF Tech Note 92
New Security Keys Used with Ion and Force 2007 Software 12/18/06 PDF Tech Note 90
Linking Megatouch Force Games to AMI Jukeboxes 10/2/06 PDF Field Bulletin 47
Canadian Boardwalk Conversion Kits Price Display 10/2/06 PDF Tech Note 86
Testing the Coin Mech and Bill Acceptor in Megatouch Games 9/7/06 PDF Tech Note 85
Intermittent Touchscreen Problems in Early Ion Games 3/20/06 PDF Field Bulletin 43
Slow Menu Transition in FORCE 2006 and Ion 2006 Software (Version 20) 11/9/05 PDF Field Bulletin 38
DIP Switch Settings 10/11/05 PDF Tech Note 65
DVD Software Updates 7/22/05 PDF Tech Note 78
Texas Hold ‘Em Disc for Force Games 5/19/05 PDF Tech Note 77
TouchTunes Interconnectivity License Expiration 3/30/05 PDF Field Bulletin 35
Force 2005 and Jade Software Bug 3/10/05 PDF Tech Note 33
FORCE 2005 and Jade Championship Edition Software Bug 1/12/05 PDF Field Bulletin 34
FORCE 2004 Point 5/Sapphire 2 Update Disc 4/1/04 PDF Tech Note 76
I/O Board Replacement in FORCE EVO and Fusion Games 10/28/03 PDF Tech Note 72
Replacing the Control Board in Megatouch Combo Jukebox and MegaTunes Units 3/4/03 PDF Tech Note 67
Software Updates While Running Championship Tournaments 2/3/03 PDF Tech Note 58
FORCE Radion Games with Incorrect Circuit Breakers 1/28/03 PDF Field Bulletin 30
Canadian FORCE 2003 and Ruby Security Keys 10/10/02 PDF Field Bulletin 29
Merit Industries Dart Announcement 10/4/02 PDF Tech Note 63
Memory Upgrade Included in Ruby Upgrade Kits 9/16/02 PDF Tech Note 61
Radion Monitor Chassis Board Replacement 8/23/02 PDF Tech Note 60
New Jersey Games and Coin Mech and Bill Acceptor Operation 6/14/02 PDF Tech Note 57
Replacing Monitor Chassis Board in FORCE Radion Games 3/12/02 PDF Tech Note 56
Series 2000 Bill Acceptor Coin Jam 2/11/02 PDF Field Bulletin 27
High Score Software Bug Fix 1/11/02 PDF Field Bulletin 26
Replacing I/O Board on Megatouch Force Games (Radion, Classic, Elite & Upright) 12/12/01 PDF Tech Note 55
High Score Software Bug 11/26/01 PDF Field Bulletin 25
Replacing Touchscreen Controllers on EZ MAXX and MAXX Elite Games 11/8/01 PDF Tech Note 54
Installing Power On Harness on ECS Motherboard 10/24/01 PDF Tech Note 52
Megatouch Force 2002 Software (V8.01, V8.02, V8.03) 10/18/01 PDF Field Bulletin 24
Manufacturer Defect in Security Keys 8/21/01 PDF Field Bulletin 23
The Bill Acceptor Clamp on the Elite MAXX 7/30/01 PDF Field Bulletin 22
Megatouch XL Games with DeAmertek Motherboards and Platinum Hard Drive Conversion Kits 7/5/01 PDF Tech Note 50
Telco Motherboards and TournaMAXX Operation 6/13/01 PDF Tech Note 49
Motherboard Identification 5/25/01 PDF Tech Note 48
Double Diamond Name Change 5/24/01 PDF Tech Note 47
Linking Megatouch MAXX Games 4/17/00 PDF Tech Note 46
The games Tri-Towers and 11-UP may not operate properly after exceeding 99 lifetime credits on the game. 11/15/00 PDF Field Bulletin 20
Difficulty removing and installing the coin box 11/3/00 PDF Field Bulletin 19
Security Key Return Procedure 11/3/00 PDF Tech Note 44
The Use of a Keyboard in Upgrading MAXX Games 10/11/00 PDF Tech Note 43
The Inclusion of the Game Baseball in MAXX Owner’s Manuals 9/28/00 PDF Tech Note 42
Using a CD-ROM to Update a MAXX game 8/7/00 PDF Tech Note 41
Disabling the Cache Using a Keyboard 8/4/00 PDF Tech Note 39
MAXX games in the attract or idle mode experience a gradual degradation of video (picture) and eventually reboot. 8/3/00 PDF Field Bulletin 18
Megatouch XL CD-ROM to Hard Drive Hardware Requirements 7/10/00 PDF Tech Note 38
Upgrading bill acceptors to accept the new $5 and $10 bill. 5/19/00 PDF Tech Note 37
Theft Deterrent System Shutdown 4/18/05 PDF Tech Note 36
Megatouch XL GOLD and Touch screen modes. 3/24/00 PDF Tech Note 35
Megatouch MAXX upright games missing spacer for hard drive shock mount. 3/16/99 PDF Tech Note 27
Megatouch XL6000 Kit RAM SIMM Identification 1/27/99 PDF Tech Note 26
XL 6000 Kit confusion 12/20/98 PDF Tech Note 24
Setting a Tournament to run beyond the end of the year for games using the T5E CD 12/20/98 PDF Tech Note 23
XL games overheating due to obstructed fans or vents 6/18/97 PDF Tech Note 11
XL program CDs labeled as R01, but programmed at R0D 4/24/97 PDF Field Bulletin 13
Defective CW brand SIMMs 4/15/97 PDF Field Bulletin 12
Installing new power supply in rear-access 19″ upright games 3/18/97 PDF Tech Note 9
Over-torque screws on XL I/O board 3/5/97 PDF Tech Note 7
XL games purchased with R0D CD may crash after first credit is entered 2/27/97 PDF Field Bulletin 10
Xl boot-up errors 1/20/97 PDF Field Bulletin 9
New coin mech/bill acceptor unit for countertop games 12/11/96 PDF Tech Note 5
Benchmarq NV RAM recall (CRT-260 Megatouch Tournament games) 12/5/96 PDF Field Bulletin 7
Internal RAM clock not working properly 11/14/96 PDF Field Bulletin 6
NV RAM is resetting or losing memory 9/12/96 PDF Service Bulletin 14
Tournament Megatouch games� system date resetting to February 1995 5/23/96 PDF Service Bulletin 24
New Microtouch touchscreen controller (SMT-3) 5/16/96 PDF Field Bulletin 5
13″ Wells-Gardner monitor displaying vertical instability 5/13/96 PDF Service Bulletin 23
Wells-Gardner monitor failure (countertops) 4/10/96 PDF Service Bulletin 22
UART chip blowing out 4/1/96 PDF Service Bulletin 21
Stray magnetic fields causing monitor purity problems 3/4/96 PDF Service Bulletin 18
Megatouch CRT-260 Service Manual 2/16/96 PDF Service Bulletin 17
Tournament Megatouch program changes 1/16/96 PDF Field Bulletin 2
Ducksan monitor is inoperative after power up 9/27/95 PDF Field Bulletin 11
Components on the monitor board burning out (countertops) 8/24/95 PDF Service Bulletin 10
Loose cashbox on widebody countertop 8/22/95 PDF Service Bulletin 9
Poor touchscreen performance (19″ upright) 7/31/95 PDF Service Bulletin 8
Failure of video sync driver chip 7/25/95 PDF Service Bulletin 4
Prevent CPU malfunctions caused by electro-static discharge 7/25/95 PDF Service Bulletin 2
Eygo monitor failure 6/26/95 PDF Service Bulletin 5


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