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   Tech Notes 


Date: 4-2



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Re: Wireless 


Because of inherent limitations in wireless technology, intermittent wireless communication problems can 

occur.  These problems can happen for a number of reasons, including radio signal interference from 

various consumer electronics, obstacles, such as walls, in the way of communication, and overloading the 

router with too many devices.  In order to prevent some of these problems, care should be taken when 

placing the Megatouch game(s) and, if applicable, the router.  Position all communicating devices so that 

the number of walls or ceilings between them is minimized.  Keep them in a centralized location with good 

airflow and keep them away from electrical devices or appliances that generate RF noise. 

If you lose your wireless network connection for any reason, simply reboot the game and the connection 

will be reestablished.  Additionally, after configuring or changing your wireless network settings, reboot 

the game in order to ensure that your wireless network is properly established. 

It is important to note that if you are using security, the Megatouch only supports 64 or 128-bit WEP 

encryption.  Additionally, if you are unsuccessful with your initial connection attempt, try changing the 

channel on the router to a lower channel.  Most routers default to channel 6, if you are having difficulties, 

try changing it to channel 3 or 4. 

If you have any questions, please contact Merit Customer Service and Technical Support by phone at 



 or 800-


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