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TN50.doc  07/05/01

Tech Notes

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Tech Notes

Tech Notes

Tech Notes

Tech Notes

Date: 07-05-01

merit industries, inc.

Re: Megatouch XL™ Games with DeAmertek Motherboards and Platinum™

Hard Drive Conversion Kits

Merit Industries has found that Megatouch XL™ games with DeAmertek motherboards and the
Platinum™ hard drive installed may face a problem with continuous rebooting due to the date settings.
When the Platinum™ hard drive is installed in these games, it causes the system date to reset to 2000.
The game will function properly until the date reaches September 2000, at which time the rebooting issue
will occur.

There are two solutions to this problem:


Megatouch XL™ owners with Platinum™ software are eligible for the FREE Double Platinum™ 
software upgrade.  To obtain this free upgrade, please contact your regional Authorized Merit 


Reset the date in your Megatouch XL™ (with Platinum and HDD) following the directions listed 



To ensure proper operation of any Merit product, we recommend that the time and date of your

game be set correctly.

In order to change the system date:

1.  Press the SETUP button (on the countertop, located behind the coinbox; on the upright, located in the

CPU section).

2.  At the Setup Screen, touch the "SYSTEM SETTINGS" icon.

3.  At the System Settings Screen, touch the "SET TIME" icon.

4.  Using the arrows on the screen, change the month, day, and year to the current date.

5.  Touch "EXIT" three times to exit out of the system settings and return to the main menu.

If you have not updated the system date following the installation, your game may eventually experience
the problem of continuously rebooting.  To correct this problem, follow the steps below to reset the
system date on your game.

1.  Turn off the game and unplug it from its power source.

2.  Unlock and open the CPU section of the game.

3.  Connect a keyboard to the keyboard port on the motherboard.

4.  Plug in the game and turn on the power.

5.  During the boot-up sequence, when the message "Press <DEL> to enter SETUP" appears at the

bottom of the screen, press <Delete>.

6.  Using the up and down arrows on the keyboard, highlight "System Setup" on the first screen that

appears and press <Enter>.

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TN50.doc  07/05/01

Tech Notes

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7.  Use the arrows to highlight the month and change it to the correct month using the <Page Up> and

<Page Down> keys.  Once you have changed the month, use the arrows to highlight the day and
change it to the correct day using the <Page Up> and <Page Down> keys.  Once you have changed
the day, use the arrows to highlight the year and change it to the correct year using the <Page Up>
and <Page Down> keys.

8.  Press <ESC> to return to the main menu.

9.  Press <F10> to save and exit.

10.  The message "Configuration has not been saved!  Save before exiting?  Yes No" will appear.
11.  Use the arrows to select "Yes" and press <Enter>.

12. Disconnect 



13.  Close and lock the CPU section.