Megatouch Security Key Saver

For Megatouch Ion 2009.5-2014 only.  Coming soon for all Ion, Force, and Maxx Linux-based platforms.
What is the Megatouch KEY SAVER?
Megatouch security keys will last 20+ years.  As of the time writing this, I have an original Megatouch Maxx with a key dated in 1999 that still works!  Think of it this way:  Does your computer have the same hard drive it did back in 1999?  I will guarantee you have something else go wrong with your machine before your key dies.  A “keyless” drive is going to die faster than an actual key!
However, I have created a new solution for game owners concerned about a dying security key.  This update adds functionality to automatically back up your security key data and works with *ANY* Ion 2009 through 2014 security key.  When a security key “dies,” the serial number is still readable.  When the key saver detects your serial number, the backup key data will be automatically loaded, and your game will function 100% like the original!
As always, game binaries are unmodified and unhacked, give the checksum test a try and you’ll see for yourself.
What about a “keyless” drive?
Don’t buy into the hype.  Some “keyless” hacks have begun to float around the Internet and some dishonest sellers have even started selling machines with hacked drives.  The problem is, they are incredibly buggy.  They fail to boot, not all games are available, volume control sometimes does not work, and games crash in bonus rounds because not all key checks have been removed (imagine losing your high score because of a bad hack).  I see at least 1 game in my shop every couple of months because of hard drive failure – either the hacks decrease the life of the drive or the sellers are using cheap drives, or both!  And when the drive fails, what do you do?  You can’t reinstall the software because you have no key!
Key saver download instructions
1. Format a USB thumb drive with a FAT32 filesystem.  If unsure how to do this, check YouTube as there are dozens of videos on the subject.
2. Download the key saver update from this link.
3.  Move the update file to the root of your thumb drive (“root” meaning not in any folders or directories).
4.  Rename the update file to “update” with no quotes nor file extensions (e.g. just “update” not “”)
5.  Plug the USB drive into your Megatouch and turn on.  You should see an “update successful” screen upon boot.
6.  Power off your Megatouch, remove the update stick, and power back on.  You will know if the update is successfully installed if you see this on boot: