Megatouch Technical Support

I host Megatouch support documents and provide service for their machines. I am a hobbyist who enjoys working on (and playing) Megatouch systems.

If you need help getting your machine to run, feel free to use the form below for free support.

I also offer full service Megatouch repair if you are able to get your machine to me. I am located in Cincinnati, OH, and I have another contact near Philadelphia, PA.

After reading the appropriate manual for your device, you are welcome to use this form for Megatouch e-mail support.  Please provide as much detail as possible.

Bad example: “My Megatouch doesn’t work.”

Good example: “When I turn my Megatouch Aurora on, I hear the dollar bill acceptor turn on and the fans run.  The colored halo lights up as normal.  My monitor displays D-SUB NO SIGNAL.”