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TN129 Rev B



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Tech Notes   

Date: 4-9-10



Re: Proper Touchscreen Performance 

There are a number of environmental factors to take into account to get the best performance from your 
touchscreen. These factors are normal and inherent in the nature of capacitive touchscreen technology, and should 
be addressed before assuming a defective touchscreen or controller. Please follow the recommendations below to 
ensure proper functionality. 

  Make sure that the game is plugged into a properly grounded outlet and never use a two-prong adapter. 

Since the touchscreen works on capacitance, proper grounding is especially important. 

  Make sure that whenever you open the game, you ground yourself before touching anything inside. To 

discharge any static electricity, you can touch the metal U-bolt on the back of the game. During collections, if 
you walk away from the game, make sure to re-ground yourself before touching anything. If you fail to do this, 
make sure you turn off the game and turn it back on when you are finished. 

  Never connect the game to a circuit that also supplies power to freezers, blenders, electric ovens, or other 

high power consuming and electrical noise generating equipment. Also, do not place the game within six feet 
of microwave ovens or neon lights. 

  When choosing a location for the game, keep in mind that two games should not be placed near one another 

(within two feet) as this can cause interference. Additionally, large metal surfaces (such as bar top rails) can 
affect touchscreen operation. These factors are also important during calibration.  Make sure not to have two 
games in close proximity and make sure not to touch any metal surfaces while calibrating. Ideally, the game 
should be calibrated once it is placed on location. 

  It’s important to note that during calibration, the calibration point is set where your finger is released from the 

screen. We recommend that you touch away from the calibration arrows, drag your finger to the center of the 
arrows, hold there for two seconds, and then release your finger. You should only touch the game with your 
finger during calibration (don’t lean or touch anywhere else on the game) and keep your finger as 
outstretched as possible, with your palm and other fingers away from the screen (so the rest of your hand 
doesn’t affect the calibration). 

  The touchscreen ribbon cable should have a loose loop where it exits the touchscreen glass, never a hard 


When replacing your touchscreen or LCD: 


Only use the provided tape for the touchscreen and the bezel. These tapes have specific properties that 
won’t interfere with touchscreen operation. 


Make sure that the tape on the rear of the touchscreen is even with the edge of the touchscreen and does not 
overlap. This is especially important where the ribbon cable exits the touchscreen. Tape extending beyond 
the edge of the screen may cause excessive stress on the cable, thus affecting performance. 


Do not adhere tape to the front of the touchscreen. If you are replacing the tape on the inside of the front 
bezel, only adhere it to the inside perimeter of the bezel and not to the touchscreen itself.