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Date:  2-9-96

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Dart League Manager


Using Dart League Manager with Windows 95

To set up Windows 95 to work with Dart League Manager, follow the steps below.

1.  Click Start button and open Windows Explorer.
2.  Find Darts.exe file on your hard drive and select it by clicking on it once.
3.  Go to File menu (or click your right mouse button) and select Properties.
4.  Click on the Program tab at the top of the window.
5.  Click on the “Advanced…” button near the bottom of the window. You should then see a window titled

“Advanced Program Settings.” (Figure 1).

6.  Select “MS-DOS mode” and then “Specify a new MS-DOS configuration.”
7.  In the top window, titled “CONFIG.SYS for MS-DOS mode,” type the following lines (if there is any text

already in the box, insert the lines at the bottom):


8.  Click OK button to save your settings. Click OK again to close the Properties window.
9.  Now your computer is ready to run DLM-DOS. Double click the Darts.exe file in the Explorer.

Windows will have to go into a special DOS mode to run the program. Once you are finished working
in DLM-DOS the computer will automatically go back to Windows 95.


Figure 1 - Advanced Program Settings