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TournaMAXX™; Terms and Conditions Updated April 24, 2007 
Your participation will require that we collect certain personal 
information about you. Your participation will be subject to our  
rules.  You can participate only if you agree to participate  
under our rules and also agree that we may collect and use the  
personal information that you key in while participating. 
If you touch "Accept" you will have agreed to all of the following: 

1.  Any offensive or abusive language and or actions by player(s) to TournaMAXX representatives, 

location staff, and/or Local Game Operating Company staff will be grounds for immediate 
disqualification from current and or future participation. 

2.  Local Game Operating Company’s rules shall apply to all TournaMAXX participation by local 

players. Infractions to these rules may be grounds for disqualification of player(s) by the Local 
Operating Company. 


3.  Players have the responsibility to seek clarification on any rules with their Local Operating 



4.  Good sportsmanship shall prevail. Poor sportsmanship will be grounds for disqualification. 

5. We may send e-mail announcements to you regarding TournaMAXX™;,  
new games, upcoming events and the like. 
6. We may collect and retain the personal information that you key in,  
and use that information for all purposes related to TournaMAXX™;. 
7. When participating in TournaMAXX™;, you will log in only under  
your own name. 
8. All decisions of TournaMAXX™; Central officials regarding  
participation and the rules are final. 
9. Rank lists may change as participating machines call in to  
TournaMAXX™; Central to report their scores. 
10. TournaMAXX™; Central will not accept a score that a machine  
calls in later than 48-hours after the end of the event. 
11. You accept that player scores and rank lists are considered final when  
the final standings are sent to your machine, typically within 2 business  
days following the 48-hour cut off period for machine call-in at the  
conclusion of each event. 
12. Employees of Merit Industries, Inc., its affiliates,  
and their immediate families are ineligible from competition. 
13. Your tournament play will be void if any of the following apply to it: 
    a. game machine or system malfunction; 
    b. invalid, false, profane or offensive input; and 
    c. prohibition by applicable law.